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Success Stories from Real People

"I can't begin to tell you what a difference your book has made! After implementing just a few of your techniques I went from signing 5-8 clients per month to signing 16-20. When I finally caught my breath I tried some of your other tips and last month alone added over 100 new clients! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

-Kathy Harper
United BankCard

"The system works!!! A little too well to tell the truth. Last year, using the core methods in the books, instead of closing 100+ accounts for about $75k like I did the year before, I was able to do $125k in about 20 deals!!! Thanks! I wonder how much it would cost to do a training session for the whole company?"

-Kendle Surgeon

"First of all my compliments on your outstanding program: "Never Cold Call Again". I love it and have read it and listened to the CD's over and over. I just started an outside sales position and my boss is amazed at how many appointments I'm landing! Your program was a Godsend in the nick of time. So I am a fan for life...especially since I've already generated sales from your sage advice."

-A. Kramer

"Get this, this quarter I have sold DOUBLE what I did in the same quarter last year, and I have been on less than a QUARTER of the amount of appointments! Thanks again, I must read Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time again actually, see what more I can learn from a second (actually 3rd!) reading after my experience of it in the last few months! Looking forward to the next installment, all the best!"

-Paul I.

"The devil himself would not make me part with this book ... you don't realize what a difference these books have made to my life, suffice it to say that the last 30 days have seen a remarkable transformation to my life and career ... I have multiplied my appointments SIX-fold since I received them! Look forward to meeting you someday in the flesh."

-Shane Munnelly

"Frank Rumbauskas sold me on his book, and then, a few weeks later, I find out that he's updated it! Angry, I assumed that this was a ploy to get more money out of me, getting me to spend money constantly to have the most 'up to date' books.

"Well, Frank knows how to take care of a customer, because without me having to voice that gripe to anyone, the updated version shows up in my e-mail with a 'Hello old customers, here's the updated product!' How many people do that these days!

"Seriously Frank, I'm impressed! Between you and Gitomer, how is there anything in this world left unsold!"

-James Davis

"Stop wondering what makes that other guy successful and start implementing some of Frank's proven strategies. This book will earn you thousands more this year and open your eyes to the biggest deals in the world. Don't waste another day frustrated on the phone..."

-Daniel Waldschmidt, CEO
ACCESS Litigation Support Services

"I just wanted to say thanks for your program. By implementing your principles, I haven't had to make a cold call in almost 2 years! I start each day now trying to figure out how to fit all the appointments into one day. I am 140% for my year and have already qualified for my company's President's Club. Next year I plan on putting other systems in place so I can process more orders. If there is anyone out there who doesn't understand the value of your system they are brain dead. Thanks again. You are the man!"

-Christopher Simmons
TelePacific Communications

"Frank's books have helped me increase my sales by at least 40% and his tactics are above phenomenal. Anyone who has the chance to buy one of Frank's courses or hire him would be all the better for the experience!"

-Bob Yeager

"I am using several of the marketing techniques and getting good results. I look forward to developing more of the ideas. The marketing ideas shared in this program are worth a fortune. No question this is the best marketing program in the world. I have spent thousands of dollars on motivational and sales programs over my 20-year sales career and never have I found something this simple and effective to market my service. I look forward to never cold calling again. Thank you for helping revive my sales career."

-Robert L. Powers
Health Data Services

"You can never get enough of a good thing! Read this book and USE its contents!"

-Anthony Parinello, author
Selling to VITO

"The best sales professionals in the world are going nowhere without the proper number of qualified prospects to speak with. Using Frank's systems, I now have my ideal prospects seeking me out. One simple strategy grew my e-mail newsletter last month alone by 948 people... all seeking me out as the expert. Thanks, Frank!"

-Tom Beal

"I ordered Frank's course 'in the blind.' I am a very satisfied customer. I have increased my business and destressed my life using some of Frank's cogent tips and techniques. He's a man who delivers on his promises."

-David W. Starr, Vice President
SatViz, Inc.

"Frank has certainly made his mark on the sales world in terms of redefining "cold calling" and what it means to be a salesperson. In an era where change was needed, Frank came along to provide up and coming salespeople and companies with a road map to becoming a sales success. If you haven't purchased and read Frank's materials - you are certainly missing out. Frank was definitely the first to define the new 21st century sales culture that top performers now strive to be a part of."

-Will Fultz
Top Sales Blog

"I highly recommend Frank and his services. Frank provides excellent information and material that will increase your bottom line results exponentially. I recommend his materials and coaching to everyone I know that is in sales or who owns a business."

-Ben Favier

"Frank's Never Cold Call system has been a breath of fresh air for me. I am new to sales and what he says works and makes the most ineffective, time wasting system of cold calling obsolete."

-Charles Anacker
New York Life