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5930 Royal Lane
Suite E-363
Dallas, TX 75230 USA

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FJR Advisors, Inc.
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5930 Royal Lane
Suite E-363
Dallas, TX 75230 USA

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Form W9 Information:

FJR Advisors, Inc. is a US Corporation incorporated in the State of Texas; therefore, under current IRS rules, we are not required to issue form W9 to any vendors, joint-venture partners, or any other entities, and you are not required to obtain a W9 from a US Corporation; as a result, we do not respond to Form W9 requests. This is not to be rude but primarily due to the waste of time involved and the handful of phishing scams from vendors we've never heard of, calling us asking for W9 forms.

Success Story


"End of week one! I had 5 new clients call me to buy!!! I also informed upper management that my goal was within 1 year that they will not be able to afford me! I told them I was on LinkedIn touting my success using your program and opportunities will come! Frank I am a systems guy....will be a managers what they say etc...your system works! I am just touching the first rung on its full implementation!

"This will make you more money and give you more opportunities than any selling system I have ever seen!"


-Randy Willis
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