October 24, 2016

Sales Tip: Don’t Be an “Info Junkie”

During the recession and high unemployment of the past few years, millions of sales people were forced to find a new way to make a living, and running a business doing web design, internet marketing, and other services for local small businesses has become a very popular choice.

Along with that, an entire cottage industry has sprouted, selling “how-to” books, videos, and other information products on how to run this sort of business successfully.

Somewhere along the line, I bought one of their e-books, wondering what kind of sales advice they were giving. To keep a long story short, it wasn’t very good, but what I really found interesting is what happened next.

The Cult of the “Info Junkie”

As a result of buying that one product, I somehow ended up on endless email lists promoting these types of offers. And there are many, at least one per day, and usually several each day.

For the most part, they’re low-cost: Usually five or ten dollars to download a PDF and some screen videos. I bought a couple out of curiosity, and they were rubbish. You certainly get what you pay for.

However, it was reading the reviews of these products that really blew my mind. The website that sells these products allows people to comment, and many of these junky e-books have hundreds of comments & reviews from people saying how great they are.

And here’s what’s more: The reviews are always from all the same people!

In other words, the same people are buying each and every one of these offers.

The big problem, of course, is that these people are reading book after book, instead of simply getting to work. It’s a bad form of procrastination.

Sales Training: A Dirty Secret

I see the same thing going on in the sales training industry. Speakers, authors, and training companies do on-site sales training at businesses and corporations. And they’re all telling people to cold call.

The reason is two-fold: First, because that’s what the “old school” sales managers and directors who hire them want to hear. The trainers are merely instructing the reps to make cold calls, as their managers are already telling them to.

But, it’s the second reason that’s the more insidious one: They know full well that cold calling doesn’t work anymore, and by telling people to cold call, they’ll keep them failing, and keep them coming back for more and more training!

This is the same way a lot of shady “self-help” and “self-improvement” types operate. You pay to go to a seminar that’s full of a lot of hype, and at the end you’re up-sold to the next (and more expensive) seminar to get the “real” answers. And then the same thing happens there. And on and on it goes.

Even if you’re not going to seminars or having live training brought into your office, you’ll experience the same thing with 99% of sales books on the market.

I know I did. When I started out in sales, I was a miserable failure. I cold called – like my boss told me to – and when it didn’t work, I started reading every sales book and listening to every CD I could get my hands on.

And they all said the same thing! “It’s a numbers game” and “make more calls.” A lot of them even advocated pushy, shady sales techniques that I wasn’t comfortable doing.

Finally I got lucky and was hired by a manager who told me that cold calling is a waste of time, and a professional salesperson should never do the job of a minimum-wage telemarketer. He teamed me up with a top rep who made huge sales numbers without cold calling, and he taught me his methods.

Over the next few years I continued my learning experience of figuring out ways and means of generating hot, qualified leads – people who are ready to buy right now – without ever cold calling again. I put those methods into a system, and began teaching it to others. And now it’s available for you to use.

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Frank Rumbauskas

Sales Tip: “They Just Won’t Make A Decision!”

“They just won’t make a decision!”

This is probably the most common question and
challenge I get from salespeople, and believe me,
I’ve been there myself. In fact, I continue to
deal with this situation on a daily basis.

While there are many reasons why a prospect may
not be making a decision, and just as many
theories offered as to what you can do about it,
I think the number one reason this happens is
because the salesperson isn’t dealing with the
real, final decision maker. But before we get
into that, I’d like to go into the psyche of the
dreaded prospect who won’t make a decision.

I initially became interested in this subject as
a salesperson, for obvious reasons. Eventually,
however, I realized that the destructive habit
of procrastination is something that is innately
built into all of us, and that we must work to
overcome and conquer if we can have any hope
of ever succeeding both in business and in life
in general.

I talk a lot about the need for one to take
decisive action, and especially like to point out
the fact that no one, myself or anyone else, can
help the person who procrastinates or who is unable
to make quick and definite decisions.

For those of you who haven’t yet tired of my
endless quoting of my favorite authors, here
we go again!

Napoleon Hill has devoted a large portion of his
works to discussing this subject. The story of
how he came to be appointed by Andrew Carnegie to
write the world’s first complete philosophy of
success revolves around Mr. Carnegie’s difficulty
in finding a person who can make a quick and
definite decision once he has all the facts at hand.

Dr. Hill didn’t know it at the time, but when Mr.
Carnegie put the question to him, i.e. if he would
be willing to devote the next twenty years of his
life, without pay, to researching and writing the
philosophy, Mr. Carnegie was holding a stopwatch
under his desk. He had decided in advance that he
would not give this opportunity to anyone who took
longer than 60 seconds to definitely say either
“yes” or “no.” It took Napoleon Hill exactly 29
seconds to say, “Yes Mr. Carnegie, I will not only
accept your commission, sir, but you may depend
upon it that I will complete it!”

Mr. Carnegie replied with, “I not only like what
you said, but I like the way you said it!” He went
on to reveal the stopwatch to Dr. Hill, and told him
that he had already offered this opportunity of a
lifetime to dozens of other young people but they
had all failed to make a decision within the 60
seconds, and all had taken anywhere from a few hours
to several weeks to make up their minds. He went
on to explain that no person who is unable to make
quick and definite decisions can ever possibly hope
to achieve any degree of success.

Dr. Hill has explained the importance of the
ability to make quick and definite decisions in
numerous books. One of his quotes in particular
stands out in my mind:

“The man of DECISION cannot be stopped! The man
of INDECISION cannot be started! Take you own

He also said: “Make a decision. Make ANY decision.
ANY decision is better than NO decision. At least
if you make the wrong decision, you can always go
back and correct the mistake.”

I’ve talked before about how I honestly believe
that this horrible inability to make decisions is
largely at fault for today’s sluggish global
economy, and that things would move ahead much
more quickly if people would just DO SOMETHING
instead of sitting around, spending endless hours,
days, weeks, months, and years, lost in the
maze of indecision.

The reason this problem is in the forefront of
my mind right now is because of what happened here
a few days ago. The staff that handles our phone
calls and emails forwarded one to me because they
were at their wit’s end with this character and
didn’t know what else to do with him.

It turns out that he had first visited my site
several weeks ago but failed to make a quick and
definite decision to either buy or not buy. Over
the next couple weeks, he called at least half a
dozen times, each time asking more and more
questions and demanding more detailed answers than
they were able to give. I found out that he had
also emailed at least half a dozen times during
the same period. I then heard from an insurance
agent, who happens to be someone who had
submitted one of the testimonials that I proudly
publish on the site. He had received a total of
four calls from this person, each one longer and
more bothersome than the previous. On top of that,
this joker even contacted the state department of
insurance to confirm that he was really a licensed
insurance agent and that the testimonial wasn’t
made up!

As politely as possible, I emailed back to him that
he should not buy my program at this time simply
because he has far more important skills to work
on before beginning any course of sales training –
specifically, his inability to make a decision.

The way I see it, this person could have simply
gone out and sold something with all the valuable
time he wasted contacting my staff and my students
to ask lots of irrelevant questions in order to
“make sure” this is something that will help him.

Nothing can help a person like this, unless and
until he or she develops the ability to make
quick and definite decisions.

If you have this problem in your life, deal with
it directly before even trying to deal with
anything else.

As part of Napoleon Hill’s lifelong study of the
causes of both success and failure, he catalogued
the 43 Major Causes of Failure. It is worth
noting that Procrastination heads the list of the
43 Major Causes of Failure.

I close my book with the following quote from
Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success:

“Procrastination robs you of opportunity. It is a
significant fact that no great leader was ever
known to procrastinate. You are fortunate if
AMBITION drives you into action, never permitting
you to falter or turn back, once you have rendered
a DECISION to go forward. Second by second, as the
clock ticks off the distance, TIME is running a
race with YOU. Delay means defeat, because no man
may ever make up a second of lost TIME. TIME is
a master worker which heals the wounds of failure
and disappointment and rights all wrongs and turns
all mistakes into capital, but, it favors only
those who kill off procrastination and remain in
ACTION when decisions are to be made.

“Life is a great checker-board. The player
opposite you is TIME.

“If you hesitate you will be wiped off the board.
If you keep moving you may win. The only real
capital is TIME, but it is capital only when used.

“You may be shocked if you keep accurate account
of the TIME you waste in a single day.”

It should be obvious to you by now that no one
who hesitates to make decisions can ever succeed,
and that is true among your prospects.

9 times out of 10, when a prospect isn’t making
a decision, it is because the prospect is not the
final decision maker, or as Tony Parinello calls
it in his great book, the Very Important Top
Officer or “VITO.”

If you’re not talking to VITO, you’re not going to
get either a decision or straight answer. Mr.
Parinello points out the important fact that VITOs
don’t lie. They’ll either buy, or they’ll say no
and tell you why.

However, if you’re dealing with the rare VITO who
happens to be indecisive (this is maybe 1 in 100
VITOs), realize that this person isn’t worth
dealing with. I can remember times when I had
chased this type of prospect for months, and was
absolutely thrilled when they finally bought.

Only to cancel a few days later after they’d
changed their mind.

Those who cannot make quick and definite decisions
also cannot stick to their decisions once they’re

It’s best to bottom-line this type of person, show
your willigness to walk, and say “take it or leave

When you bottom-line a true VITO, they’ll buy. If
not, then you’ve just avoided what might have
become a nightmare customer who isn’t worth the
commission you make on them.

On Procrastination, Optimism, and Failing to Take Action

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