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What is prospecting? This goes back to the very basics of my entire sales strategy but since I haven’t talked about it in a while I wanted to touch on it. Most salespeople think prospecting means cold calling, but in reality cold calling is only one form of prospecting and also happens to be the most inefficient and least effective.

To a successful salesperson – I’m talking about the top 1% of top producers – prospecting means marketing. To take it a step further, marketing means automated lead-generation systems that work for you so you don’t have to. These systems generate your leads for you so you can spend all of your available time selling. Remember, prospecting isn’t selling and selling isn’t prospecting. They’re two entirely different skillsets so don’t confuse the two!

The essence of what I teach is how to set up automated marketing systems to provide you with a steady supply of qualified, ready-to-buy leads. This is how the very upper eschelon of top salespeople can consistently produce mind-boggling sales numbers. Just spend some time watching the best of the best salespeople at work – they never cold call, and if you set up your own marketing systems you too can never cold call again!

never cold call again