August 30, 2014

Cold Calling SCAMMERS!

“Cold Calling SCAMMERS” As I’ve mentioned before, I receive daily Google Alerts on my favorite topic, cold calling, and lately I’ve noticed a trend: Most of the articles Google is picking up begin with “Cold Calling Scam” or “Cold Calling Scammers”!!! Now let me ask you a question: Do YOU want your name and reputation associated with something that’s […]

MORE Productivity = MORE Sales? (NOT!)

I have plenty of friends who fit the definition of a “workaholic.” Or maybe “over-organized.” If I want to talk on the phone, I have to go to their online appointment-thingy and set a time. And anytime ANYTHING is scheduled, I always receive the inevitable calendar invite. Visiting with any of them means getting up […]

How To Avoid Sales Ruts

Avoiding The Dreaded “Sales Rut” Yesterday I came across an article comparing cold calling with boxing. It said if you want to succeed in sales, then keep cold calling, and cold calling, (and more cold calling) and keep getting up like a champion boxer, no matter how many times you get knocked down! What the […]

Is Every “Expert” Really an IDIOT?

I’m sick of so-called “experts.” Really really sick of them. Here are a few examples: Last year I was out of commission thanks to a severe sinus infection that resulted from toxic mold exposure. It finally took surgery and a few days in the hospital to correct it. During that time, I decided to hire […]

“Sell Me This Pen” – what would Steve Jobs say?

“Sell Me This Pen” Someone asked me that once. Very early on in my sales career a recruiter from Edward Jones financial services was hounding me BIG-TIME. The guy wouldn’t leave me alone and practically turned into a stalker. He asked me to sell him his pen, so I played along… but that’s not the […]

Why Salespeople Fail

One of the things I love about my life is the great people I’ve gotten to meet and become friends with. Just in my Rotary Club alone we have two generals, a very famous FBI agent, and many other highly influential people including several judges and wealthy business owners. What’s really funny is that I […]

Sales Tip: STOP Digging Yourself Deeper! (seriously!)

The other night, after going through total shock upon learning that I’d never read it, my wife handed me her copy of Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. (If you haven’t read it, read it!) It’s a story about two mice and two “littlepeople” who are the size of mice, but who are human […]

The World’s DUMBEST Cold Call!

You’ve probably figured out from my previous articles that I’m a big fan of the movie Wall Street, and, true to form, I usually live out Gordon Gekko’s famous quote: “Lunch is for wimps!” However, once or twice a week, I let myself slip and have lunch, and it’s almost always at the same, hole-in-the-wall, […]

Why I’m Closing My Business.

As you might expect, I get virtually infinite emails and LinkedIn direct messages from people who are stuck in their sales position and are seeking advice. In many cases, they’re in industries selling a commodity product that no one really needs or has any interest in. Case in point: My first job in the telecom […]

Download: New Referral Selling Report

NEW Referral Selling Report Ok, you asked for it and you got it – Monday’s email that I sent to you received an overwhelming response from people who want a free report on referral selling. So here it is: That report is JAM-PACKED with facts, statistics, and case studies of why referrals are, hands-down, […]

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