July 10, 2014

How to Get Into The Sales Fastlane!

Far too many people don’t understand my business – yes, the very business that is sending you these emails! I do my share of networking. Nowhere near as much as when I relocated early last year and was on a mission to make new friends and new connections, but I get out to at least […]

You’re Trying To TAKE and It’s NOT Working!

Yesterday, I heard the world’s 2nd worst sales pitch: “Can help me out and buy this?” Of course I didn’t want to “help him out” – there was nothing in it for me! (The world’s worst sales pitch is, “Want to buy this? I’m trying to get rid of it.”) Saying “can you help me […]

“It Can’t Be Done.”

“It can’t be done.” People have said that about lots of things. Here are some great examples: The 4-Minute Mile The 4-minute mile, the act of running a one-mile run in less than 4 minutes, was thought to be impossible. Scores of athletes tried it and failed. Then one day in 1954, Roger Bannister did […]

My Best Sales Tip: Stop Being A Dumbass!

The crap I hear coming out of salespeoples’ mouths on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me. Nonsense like: “Let’s meet to find out if we can be of mutual benefit.” “When can I have 15 minutes of your time?” “I can help your business!” “Can you help me out and buy this?” “You’re […]

Sell More by using Social Dynamics

Many areas of selling that I’ve studied and taught to others are rarely, if ever, known and used in the world of professional selling. One of those is the science of social dynamics – before I ever began learning it myself and including it in my training, I’d never before seen it used in sales. […]

Sales Lessons from Lawyers

A few months ago, I had the fun of winning a court case on my own, without a lawyer. I didn’t get as much as I asked for, but still walked out with a nice judgment! How did I win when my opposition had an experienced attorney and I represented myself? What happened is a […]

“Get Your Degree In Salesmanship!”

I was reading a very interesting business book this past weekend, and it made a very good point – one that you probably already know: Selling is the most important skill in all of business! And yet, most college students and even business executives shun sales. They’ve had so many bad experiences with salespeople that […]

NOTICE: I’m Officially “On Strike!”

NOTICE: I’m Officially “On Strike!” That was the subject line of an email my good friend Jeff wrote to our moron of a sales manager one day. I’ll tell you the story of how this happened: A couple of months prior, Jeff and I had worked together for some time and both decided to change […]

Sales Tip: “From my hospital bed…”

I’ve mentioned at some point that back in 2010, I had sinus surgery that went wrong and landed me in a hospital bed for a few days. This incident came to mind recently when I had a disability insurance salesman hounding me for quite a while, trying to get me to buy disability insurance in […]

The Internet has KILLED Cold Calling!

This week, as I do every week, I read Jeffrey Gitomer’s excellent sales newsletter, as you should too if you want to be a superstar in sales. One of the guest articles really made an excellent point: The topic was, you guessed it, cold calling. The author explained that up until the early to mid […]

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