April 24, 2014

How To Sell – To A Cat?!?!?

“How To Sell – To a CAT?” You can learn a lot from a cat. How to sell, for starters. You see, cats and dogs are very different. We have one of each in our house, and if I want the dog to come over, it’s pretty simple – I call her over! 9 times […]

How To Lose A Sale In 10 Seconds

“I want Frank to come and speak to us.” This is the voicemail that my speaking coordinator, Kate, received, so naturally she called right back. Unlike most authors, I don’t actively seek paid speaking engagements, but certainly don’t turn them away when they are offered, and this was the second one in a day. On […]

The One Secret That Will Explode Your Sales – FAST!

Yesterday, as I was running a few errands and picking up some things at Target, I noticed Time magazine’s current special issue about Thomas A. Edison, and since I already admire Mr. Edison and have learned so much from reading about his life and work, I grabbed it without even looking at the price. I […]

NEVER Use This “Cold Calling 2.0″ Sleaze!

Whenever I search Google for “cold calling” I find a lot of results about so-called Sales 2.0 and particularly Cold Calling 2.0. It makes me laugh because cold calling is cold calling, and it doesn’t work anymore, but the tactics are getting more sleazy and slimy in a desperate attempt to get it working again. […]

My Best Sales Tip: Stop Being A Dumbass!

The crap I hear coming out of salespeoples’ mouths on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me. Nonsense like: “Let’s meet to find out if we can be of mutual benefit.” “When can I have 15 minutes of your time?” “I can help your business!” “Can you help me out and buy this?” “You’re […]

You’re Trying To TAKE and It’s NOT Working!

Yesterday, I heard the world’s 2nd worst sales pitch: “Can help me out and buy this?” Of course I didn’t want to “help him out” – there was nothing in it for me! (The world’s worst sales pitch is, “Want to buy this? I’m trying to get rid of it.”) Saying “can you help me […]

The World’s (2nd) Worst Sales Pitch

Here’s the absolute worst sales pitch in the world: “I’m trying to get rid of this – want to take it off my hands?” The 2nd worst is just as bad, so I’m not quite sure why it’s #2 – it’s really a tie between both! The World’s 2nd Worst Sales Pitch Here’s the really bad news: […]

Yet Another Reason Why Most Salespeople Fail

Today I received a request from someone to remove his testimonial from my website, or to at least remove his last name and his location. It’s not because he isn’t happy. Not at all. It’s because he’s constantly inundated with people who see his testimonial on the site, then call him to verify that it’s […]

“Cold Callers Are Idiots.”

If you don’t know Dan Kennedy, you should. He’s one of the single greatest marketing geniuses of our generation. His fees are well over $100,000 to write a single sales letter and he’s the marketing mind behind major organizations like Guthy-Renker, the people behind Proactiv skin care and other major brands. Having bought lots of […]

Top 5 Reasons to Cold Call

Even though my Never Cold Call Again system (http://www.nevercoldcall.com) is for people who want to stop cold calling, I still get so many emails from people screaming “COLD CALLING WORKS,” so I thought I’d make them happy for a change and tell you the top 5 reasons why you SHOULD cold call! 1. You are a masochist. Masochist (noun): The tendency […]

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