September 30, 2014

Sales Tip from Napoleon Hill: “It Doesn’t Work Like That!”

“It Doesn’t Work Like That!” Yesterday in my car I was listening to old recordings of my all-time favorite author, Napoleon Hill. He told the story of a man who had tracked him down, gotten him on the phone, and complained that his success philosophy simply didn’t work. “Why,” asked Hill? The man explained that […]

The Easy Way to Get TONS of Referrals!

Yep, it’s true. Getting referrals is easy. As I wrote you a couple of weeks ago, one of the most common questions I get from salespeople is, “How can I get more referrals?” And in that email, I explained the system I advise for newer salespeople who haven’t yet built up a solid network. Having […]

Sales Story: Really Stupid Sales Managers

“Really Stupid Sales Managers!” Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a MBA student, who was required to interview someone with sales management experience. Since he’s also worked in sales, we shared stories about really, really dumb sales managers we’ve encountered, so here are some good ones for your enjoyment! There was the […]

How To Sell – To A Cat?!?!?

“How To Sell – To a CAT?” You can learn a lot from a cat. How to sell, for starters. You see, cats and dogs are very different. We have one of each in our house, and if I want the dog to come over, it’s pretty simple – I call her over! 9 times […]

Sales Tip: “You’re Still Cold Calling!”

“You’re still cold calling!” That’s what a good friend and co-worker said to me one day when he got curious about how I was closing so many sales, seemingly easily. This was around the time I had perfected by lead-generation methods and organized them into an intelligent system that, by that time, was working on […]

Does Your Sales Manager HATE You?

“Does Your Sales Manager HATE You?” In seeking to grow my search engine marketing & lead-generation business, I ordered a book recently about how to hire top-notch salespeople, and was excited to learn what it had to say. And then a shocker came. One of the early chapters of the book just floored me. The […]

LESS Appointments = MORE Sales

Having spent many years as a top sales pro, and after nine years of analyzing thousands of top salespeople as a sales coach & consultant, one glaring truth stands out above all the rest: The people making the MOST sales are going on the LEAST number of  appointments! This is an astounding statement, especially since […]

How To OWN Your Next Networking Event!

Very few people understand how to take the best advantage of networking events. For the most part, everyone shows up, then it goes around the room and each person present gives their 30-second “elevator speech,” and that’s about all that happens at those meetings. However, in working with my sales reps in my internet marketing […]

Disney World: The World’s Best Sales Machine

I was listening to a marketing audiobook in the car on the way here today and came across an astonishing fact – one that I never knew before: Since 2007, the average visitor to Disney World has spent more during their trip than the average visitor to Las Vegas! How Does Disney Do It? Think […]

“Goes to show that Cold Calling DOES Work!”

“Goes to show that cold calling does work!” I saw Wall Street, one of my two all-time favorite movies, this past weekend again for the first time in a long time! Naturally, considering what I do for a living, I had to laugh when Bud Fox gets promoted to his new corner office and the […]