"If you invest as much time in reading this book as you do in cold calling, your success percentage and your income will skyrocket."

-Jeffrey Gitomer, author, Little Red Book of Selling

New York Times Best-Seller
Winner of 800-CEO-READ's 'Business Book Of The Year'

Never Cold Call Again by Frank Rumbauskas has been featured on or mentioned in CNN, Fox News, Investors Business Daily, the New York Times, the Star-Ledger, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, and many more. Frank's articles on cold calling, cold calling tips & techniques, cold calling scripts, and related topics are published on countless websites and in dozens of trade journals.

Never Cold Call Again!


Cold Calling Is Dead.

"Over 80% of decision makers absolutely will not buy from a cold call."
-Kenan Flagler Business School
University of North Carolina

Despite this hard truth, most salespeople today continue to waste valuable time and effort cold calling, usually because they don't know what else to do. Cold calling is all they've been taught.

Never cold call again. I'm going to share with you my cutting-edge, information age lead generation strategies that will bring you an endless supply of hot, qualified leads, without ever cold calling again!

What You'll Learn

  • How cold calling destroys your status as a business equal.
  • Why "persistence" is not the answer!
  • How to maintain power and control in sales appointments.
  • The one major difference between sales failures and sales superstars.
  • Why sales is not a numbers game.
  • Proof and examples to show why cold calling won't get prospects to buy right now.
  • Why sales funnels & forecasts are wasting your time and hurting your numbers.
  • Dozens of strategies you can use to generate hot leads without cold calling!

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Real Reviews From Real People

"I can't begin to tell you what a difference your book has made! After implementing just a few of your techniques I went from signing 5-8 clients per month to signing 16-20. When I finally caught my breath I tried some of your other tips and last month alone added over 100 new clients! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Kathy Harper, United BankCard

"Frank's Never Cold Call system has been a breath of fresh air for me. I am new to sales and what he says works and makes the most ineffective, time wasting system of cold calling obsolete."

Charles Anacker, New York Life

"The system works!!! A little too well to tell the truth. Last year, using the core methods in the books, instead of closing 100+ accounts for about $75k like I did the year before, I was able to do $125k in about 20 deals!!! Thanks! I wonder how much it would cost to do a training session for the whole company?"

Kendle Surgeon

"Hey Frank! I just purchased your system and you're awesome! Things I figured but couldn't organize you made easy to understand and concise. I don't need any more trial and error! I had my first sale within literally days of purchasing your system and since then, I have consistently exceeded goals every week! I have managers asking me how I am putting up the numbers! Thanks!!!!!"

Shaun Avery

"Frank's book has some of the best business advice that I have been given in the over 20 years of my business experience. It gets to the basic common sense business approaches utilizing many of the tools that we have today. I think and work much differently than I did before because I am now working smarter and not harder. The results are just starting to happen and I am excited about what the future is going to bring to my business. Thanks Frank, now it is time to 'Pay it Forward!'"

John Hornyak, CEO, X2Media

"Stop wondering what makes that other guy successful and start implementing some of Frank's proven strategies. This book will earn you thousands more this year and open your eyes to the biggest deals in the world. Don't waste another day frustrated on the phone..."

Daniel Waldschmidt, CEO, ACCESS Litigation Support Services

"Get this, this quarter I have sold DOUBLE what I did in the same quarter last year, and I have been on less than a QUARTER of the amount of appointments! Thanks again, I must read Cold Calling Is A Waste Of Time again actually, see what more I can learn from a second (actually 3rd!) reading after my experience of it in the last few months! Looking forward to the next installment, all the best!"

Paul I., UK

"First of all my compliments on your outstanding program: “Never Cold Call Again". I love it and have read it and listened to the CD's over and over. I just started an outside sales position and my boss is amazed at how many appointments I'm landing! Your program was a Godsend in the nick of time. So I am a fan for life...especially since I’ve already generated sales from your sage advice."

A. Kramer

"I must admit I was skeptical before I purchased your book.... I came across your website because of a Google AdSense link I found at dictionary.com while looking up the definition of upselling. I currently attend college as a marketing major, but am on co-op at a packaging and fulfillment company. Having had no formal selling classes yet, you are my first real selling teacher. I'm glad I took the risk of buying your program with my personal funds. After sharing your lessons with the sales reps I serve, the company quickly compensated me for the purchase. Your entire program was useful, but I especially appreciate your focus on the printed word and literary material. It was, in the end, the circulated testimonials of your newsletter that convinced me to buy. It gave you legitimacy in my mind, and as such validated one of your critical lessons. I'll be releasing an item to our local newspapers about how a "local company promotes education by providing real experience to young marketers-in-training. In all likelihood, I'll buy your next book.

"I've even put your lessons to work for higher causes. Since I fundraise for the Alzheimer's Association's memory walk, I try to engage people as much as possible. I have a donation website for people to pay by credit card, and even issue a video newsletter to everyone who has donated each time I reach a new milestone. In fact, I've set the goal of being the top fundraiser for the event in the country. I'm already the highest fundraiser in my city....

"Your methods have helped me raise as much as I have, and I hope the trend continues. Your program may be the best $ I've spent, and hasn't been difficult to implement."

Christopher Adams

"The devil himself would not make me part with this book ... you don't realize what a difference these books have made to my life, suffice it to say that the last 30 days have seen a remarkable transformation to my life and career ... I have multiplied my appointments SIX-fold since I received them! Look forward to meeting you someday in the flesh."

Shane Munnelly

"Hi Frank. First off - THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Please indulge me. I have been "Cold Calling" for what seems like 200 years... and that was just yesterday. For simplicity's sake, lets say I make 100 calls a day. I'm lucky to actually speak with 3 people on any given day!! For the rest, I leave a message. I'm lucky if 1 person responds to my message. Terrible hit/miss ratio and an incredible waste of time to say the least. I too, am from the "old school" of the more calls you make blah blah blah. So.... I found your site, bought the book and immediately used just 2 of your ideas - fax and email. The very first day, I sent out 150 emails to various VP's, Managers and lesser titled prospects. Holy sh**!! 56 people responded. Of the 56, 12 (so far) have resulted in sales - on the first day!!! The responses to my faxes and emails have continued at this rate. I have yet to speak with any of these people. I have followed up via the phone to say thank you and I still don't get a response. I now send a thank you email. It's not viable for me to set up appointments - I'm calling (pun intended) into the US, but live in Canada. If anyone is wondering whether or not this works for tele-sales, the answer is YES!!!! I thought I was doing a great job and so did the executives within my company - I have doubled company sales in the year I've been here; using the old mantra - the more calls you make yadda yadda yadda. (I was also working from 8am to 8pm). In just 1 month I have doubled my previous best month and it's not over yet. In my industry, and I suspect in most, summer months are usually the slowest. Not any more. This past July was the highest grossing month on record!! I can hardly wait for next month. It's also my 45th birthday that month and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my wife and son. (I'm a 9 to 5er now). Don't tell me you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Looking forward to implementing your other ideas ... and now for the selfish part. Sorry Frank, please do not print my name, no way I want my competitors finding out about your offerings!!"


"It is amazing how using Frank's simple ideas of how to develop new business and convert those leads into customers can change the entire complexion of your business. I have been using these concepts personally and have developed those concepts for my team of life insurance agents. We now have a national presence and have been able to accomplish this while maintaining profitability for the company, and more importantly for the agents on the street. Much thanks."

Jeff McElroy, President, JD McElroy Financial Advisors

"I don't know about you, but I sure never buy from a cold call. Heck, I'll have fun with the cold caller in hopes of scaring him into another, less annoying job. Frank's extremely detailed book will introduce you to a new way of doing business that should break your company of the cold calling addiction and simultaneously increase your sales."

Mark Joyner, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

"Sometimes we show our strength by holding on... other times by letting go. After 12 years of working for a small wireless company I finally left to start my own company because of the inspiration of your program. Our company had just been sold after having been under the same ownership since it was founded 16 years prior. With the new ownership came more structure and changes. One of those main changes was the formal development of a B2B team. The person who was chosen for the position was a middle aged man with cold-calling in his blood. He was the textbook salesperson and sales manager. He had only worked at our company and was under my management for just 9 months before he got promoted as my boss. Ultimately, I ended up quitting because he had a rigid schedule with daily cold calling.

"I had informally created my own marketing programs and niches over the years (some actually closely related to recommendations in your book) and was the Top Producing Salesperson for 5 years straight. I had been referred to as too radical and most times as not being a 'team player' in my marketing efforts by the new manager and he asked me to stick to mornings dialing until I got an appt and rotating afternoons canvassing by foot and appts. For the first 2 months I did ok with my sales as I was probably still surviving from the previous months marketing. But then in the 9 months that followed I went thru a major downspin in sales and most aspects of both my personal and professional life. I was told that it was because I wasn't aggressive enough on the phones and that I was being uncooperative in fully committing to the program. I figured it would be better to quit as I was on the verge of getting let go for failing to hit quota 2 quarters in a row. In the week before I left I had learned of your program from my friend who is a life coach because he told me about it and I was quite curious about how that would work. Originally I was going to share some of the ideas with the sales manager and be like I told you so. But instead, I ordered my own copy and started researching some of the ideas that you suggested and paired them with my own and immediately went full speed ahead to start my own company. Got the website up, the ezine link set up and I have implemented a few other things that can be set up relatively quickly. I figured that your program (even in the start up phases of it) combined with my industry knowledge and even starting from zero clients, within 6 weeks I could ramp up and by myself sell 1.5 times the quota of the 4 person sales team in the company that I had previously worked for. In fact, the issue is now that I will potentially become their biggest competitor in our market. I will spend half the time marketing and make nearly double the sales!

"More than anything, your system taught me how to deal with my biggest weakness which is getting oneself organized. Because if you are constantly thinking of how you can leverage and better use your time you start thinking of more automated and systematic ways of doing things. By having these systems thoroughly defined in your book it also helped me to increase sales from appointment 1 because I now have a considerable amount of time freed up to get in front of more people AND in a more relaxed environment.

"I would like to personally and sincerely * Thank You * for providing so much valuable and resourceful information in one easy to use program (and the cd's were a great idea esp for us mobile salespersons). Even if a person decided to only implement one of the ideas from the book, it will pay for the cost of the program many times over.

"I look forward to reading your next book."

Shonika Proctor

"The best sales professionals in the world are going nowhere without the proper number of qualified prospects to speak with. Using Frank's systems, I now have my ideal prospects seeking me out. One simple strategy grew my e-mail newsletter last month alone by 948 people... all seeking me out as the expert. Thanks, Frank!"

Thomas H. Beal

"I ordered Frank's course 'in the blind.' I am a very satisfied customer. I have increased my business and destressed my life using some of Frank's cogent tips and techniques. He's a man who delivers on his promises."

David W. Starr, Vice-President, SatViz, Inc.

"You can never get enough of a good thing! Read this book and USE its contents!"

Anthony Parinello, best-selling author of Selling To VITO

"Hi Frank, Your book without a doubt provides a detailed road map to selling in a "No Time To See You or talk with you" business world. I ask myself, "how did I ever sell (cold calling) the OLD way?" Fact is, cold calling, at least for me, never did work very well. Thanks Frank for exposing and lifting myself and other people up and out of the cold calling abyss."

Ron Forster, Cambridge, Ontario

"Frank has certainly made his mark on the sales world in terms of redefining "cold calling" and what it means to be a salesperson. In an era where change was needed, Frank came along to provide up and coming salespeople and companies with a road map to becoming a sales success. If you haven't purchased and read Frank's materials - you are certainly missing out. Frank was definitely the first to define the new 21st century sales culture that top performers now strive to be a part of."

Will Fultz, Top Sales Blog

"Never Cold Call Again reinforced what I knew instinctively. Calling strangers, and annoying them, was not going to help increase my business. "Never Cold Call Again" helped my business by offering other marketing ideas that have been tried and worked. It teaches the sales person how to know their product, and customer."

Shelley Griesinger

"I am using several of the marketing techniques and getting good results. I look forward to developing more of the ideas. The marketing ideas shared in this program are worth a fortune. No question this is the best marketing program in the world. I have spent thousands of dollars on motivational and sales programs over my 20-year sales career and never have I found something this simple and effective to market my service. I look forward to never cold calling again. Thank you for helping revive my sales career."

Robert L. Powers, Director of Sales, HDS-Health Data Services

"I highly recommend Frank and his services. Frank provides excellent information and material that will increase your bottom line results exponentially. I recommend his materials and coaching to everyone I know that is in sales or who owns a business."

Ben Favier

"I just wanted to say thanks for your program. By implementing your principles, I haven't had to make a cold call in almost 2 years! I start each day now trying to figure out how to fit all the appointments into one day. I am 140% for my year and have already qualified for my company's President's Club. Next year I plan on putting other systems in place so I can process more orders. If there is anyone out there who doesn't understand the value of your system they are brain dead. Thanks again. You are the man!"

Christopher Simmons, TelePacific Communications

"This e-book is awesome and it will truly help you on the path to becoming a sales champion. By the way keep your eyes peeled for the spiral bound copy and the 2-CD's that show up in the mail...like 2 days later. Of course I immediately listened to them and loved them too.

"Regardless if you've been in sales for one day or 30 years this info will help you grow your business and/or sales results...if you apply the strategies and action steps it describes."

NY Good News

"I purchased your product about 4 months ago, then let it sit for about 3 weeks on the kitchen table unopened. Then I started having back pain (epidural from pregnancy) and went to a chiropractor for help; long story short, it was a fairly new practice and the doctor and I hit it off and he voiced his concerns about getting new business because of location (at the end of a long shopping strip). I remembered your product, went home with the intention of skimming thru and getting some pointers for the doc, I ended up staying up that night and reading the ENTIRE book and listened to the CD's !!!!, the information contained therein is unparalleled and all common sense easy to implement techniques, all that is needed is an open mind, willing attitude and ACTION!!!. I have implemented some of the techniques for the Chiropractic office and have increased patient intake by 10% in a 2-month period, streamlined office processes, seen implementation of suggested ideas, and set up an e-newsletter. Now when I go in for my adjustments I'm referred to as the "in-house marketing consultant"!!!"

Erika Wood

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